Trotstats ePro.

Discover through the Trotstats online software, privileged access to the most complete database, bringing together all the statistical filters, indicators and essential data to optimize your bets on French trotting races.

Our Team

"The horse is king, information is queen."


Trotstats ePro

Harness the power of our software, ideal for both experienced players and beginner bettors.


With 25 statistical reports dedicated to starters; trotters, drivers, trainers and owners, put all the chances on your side.

Find trotters with ideal commitments. Terrain ability, race category, distance, rope and more are available with just a few clicks. A 360° view of the races!

Dynamic tables, which can be sorted and filtered.


Thanks to our panel of colorized indicators, you will quickly obtain an overview of the performance of race participants.

These colors help you identify along different axes and easily evaluate the performance of key players , capture the essential information for your analyzes at a glance.

Dynamic tables, which can be sorted and filtered.


Trotstats offers summaries for each premium race of the day. Our summaries are designed to draw your attention to the horses with the best statistical chance of placing in the top three in the race.

Of course, from all our data, you also have the possibility of creating your own personalized summaries and combining them according to your preferences!

Multi-criteria search

Save time! with the Editor functionality, create your own selections of horses quickly and efficiently.

With more than 500 racing filters, obtain new, serious but also original selections. In just a few seconds, obtain a relevant selection of horses.

Personalized predictions

Build your personalized prediction library.
Explore race history, performance indicators and track your favorite selections daily!

Pick #5

Don't forget to follow the Pick #5 (French Quinté+) support race thanks to our visual marker which will allow you to quickly identify it. This is the perfect place to start your bet!


Our clients

We are moving forward in collaboration with our users to guide the evolution of the Trotstats online software.

Adrien G.
Horse racing journalist specializing in trotting.

"As a journalist, Trotstats has become an indispensable tool in my work. It is extremely useful for establishing performance comparisons between different players. Statistics play a central role in the development of my articles, whether for the analysis before the races or the retrospective after them."

Gilbert B.
Passionate about turf for 15 years.

"I use Trotstats to prepare my Quinté + paper. The summaries, both provided and personally developed, constitute my betting strategy, whether for simple winners or placed. I can only praise the remarkable efficiency of the prediction editor, which represents a considerable time saving in my daily routine."

Rue des Turfistes
Predictions and horse racing information + Twitter community (French website).
Analysis of French, Swedish and Australian trotters (English website).

Unique offer

Our team is committed to making our service accessible to everyone, from expert bettors to beginners.

Trotstats ePro

This offer gives you permanent access to the Trotstats online software with the added bonus of 3 months of daily updates included !

  • No commitments or direct debit.
  • Access to all features.
  • Access to more than 500 equestrian criteria.
  • Secure payment through the PayPal service.


Updates (Quarterly)

This pack includes updates to the Trotstats online software over a three-month period, with all the information.

  • Trotstats ePro software required.
  • No commitments or direct debit.
  • Automatic updates for three months.
  • Secure payment through the PayPal service.


If you have a website or use third-party software such as Microsoft Excel, you have the option of integrating our data.
Do not hesitate to contact us.